The real source of getting herpes is not in succeeding as exposed to the virus. The main cause is in the condition of one's immune system at the time of exposure. Even Pasteur knew this following his life. He remarked that the cause of disease was the health of the internal environment in the body and not inside the germ itself. I realize this seems an absurd statement to some. But as a natural medicine doctor like myself, I understand that improving the state of a person's body and a defense mechanisms, they can get their body to some extent where their body can begin fighting the virus itself.The latest information is updated at the following link:

The hot button is Building Vitality

When you create your immune system, you increase your vitality. Vitality is dependent on how many resources one's body has to resist infection and assistance with other things like handling stress. You build vitality and your immunity by eating healthy, taking specific supplements, drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep, and understanding how to handle stress. Items that decrease vitality plus your immune system are smoking, drinking to excess, eating sweets, eating foods that are fried, little sleep, and letting your feelings get the better of you.

Live Well and does herpes have a cure

Living a wholesome life will go quite a distance to build your vitality and immunity. Living well involves eating, drinking, sleeping, and even stressing healthy. Make an effort to imagine having a real strong body and disease fighting capability that you never have another outbreak. This can be done for you if you have a comprehensive plan of attack.

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